Advancing Equity

As Mayor, I worked with the council to declare Shoreline a safe and welcoming community to all its residents. We invested in a race and equity coordinator to make sure that all residents feel included in the City. I wrote an op-ed to the Seattle Times in about the importance of city anti-discrimination laws and was an original signer to the Mayor’s Compact to Combat Hate.

We have more we must do to break down the systemic barriers to make sure that all Shoreline residences can fulfill their American Dream. I am proud Shoreline created a community court in our city to identify and address the underlying challenges of court participants that may contribute to further criminal activity and reduce recidivism.

There is much more we need to do to become an anti-racist community and create a stronger, more vibrant city. In 2019, nearly 5% of Shoreline residents received emergency food from Hopelink and many more in our community are suffering from the current economic climate.

We also have a responsibility to strengthen our working class families. We should continue to do more to ensure that all Shoreline residents have access to safe, quality affordable housing.

Protecting our Environment

We have an obligation to our children to protect our environment, especially our beautiful Salish Sea. We must promote the development and use of renewable sources of energy, for both structures and vehicles.

I am proud Shoreline reaffirmed our commitment to the Paris Climate Accords and I added language in our Comprehensive Plan a desire to limit "greenhouse gas emissions to 1.5° C of global warming above pre-industrial levels." I am proud Shoreline became the first city in Washington to achieve Salmon-Safe certification and our efforts to develop a strong sustainability plan. We will be one of the first cities to require all new construction to include electric vehicle charging.

I believe that we must be responsible stewards of our urban forest, to help cool our city, provide important habitat for pollinators, and make sure that all Shoreline residents have access to nature.

Investing in Shoreline

We have an imperative to invest in our existing infrastructure and support and grow our local economy. I encouraged the Council to adopt a film code to attract filmmakers to come to Shoreline and voted against imposing additional taxes on local businesses. I supported legislation to allow restaurants use parking spaces and city rights-of-way to expand capacity.

I continue to advocate on behalf of the City to ensure that we continue to have access to clean water and functioning rights-of-way for all users. We need to make sure that we have frequent transit service across and through our City and develop strong partnerships with other cities, counties, school districts and other special purpose districts.

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