In 2021, I was invited to publish an op-ed in the Everett Herald about the need for affordable and reliable broadband connections for all Americans.

Here are the article's introductory paragraphs:

A couple days before my mother died from complications due to COVID, a very kind aide was able to hold a device so I could see and talk with her. The ability to see her, and interact with her for months while assisted living facilities were in lockdown, certainly did not make up for the inability to give her a hug, or kiss her on the cheek, but the technology made the situation more bearable.

For our child, school was an entirely virtual affair this past year - and even today, most interactions with friends is online. For my wife and I, we teach classes entirely online,  with students taking our American politics courses from locations all over the world. Without access to a high-speed internet connection, our work and social lives would not be possible. 

I recognize that we are fortunate. We are on one side of the digital divide in our country and even in our state.

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